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Stability Mix Mode

HPLC COLUMN with Mix Chemistry Unique Column By DR MAISCH

Porous spherical silica: 5, 10 µm

Pore diameter: 100 A° / 350m²/g, 300 A° / 100m²/g

HPLC-phases with special chemical modifications!

- Modification Endcapping Mat. No.
Stability 100 C30, 3 µm (polymer) endc. st13.30.
Stability 100 C30, 5 µm (polymer) endc. st15.30.
Stability 100 C30p, 5 µm (polymer) not endc. st15.3p.
Stability 100 C30m, 5 µm (monomer) endc. st15.3m.
ReproSil DIBS-RP 5µm for Direct Injection of Biological Samples r15.dibs
Stability 100 BS-C13, 5 µm (with basic spacer) endc. st15.13.
Stability 100 BS-C17, 5 µm (with basic spacer) endc. st15.17.
Stability 100 BS-C17, 10 µm (with basic spacer) endc. st10.17.
Stability 100 BS-C23, 5 µm (with basic spacer) endc. st15.23.
Stability 120 BS-C23, 3 µm (with basic spacer) not endc. st23.23.
Stability 120 BS-C23, 5 µm (with basic spacer) not endc. st25.23.
Stability 120 BS-C23, 1.5 µm go to Gold-Turbo BS-C23 st23.23.
Stability 120 BS-C23-e, 5µm (with basic spacer) not endc. st25.23e.8
Stability 300 BS-C23, 5µm (with basic spacer) not endc. st35.23.
Stability 120 Fluosil, 1.5 µm go to Gold-Turbo Flousil
Stability 120 Fluosil, 3 µm (Alkylfluoro Phase) endc. st23.fe.
Stability 120 Fluosil, 5 µm (Alkylfluoro Phase) endc. st25.fe.
Stability 120 Fluosil-NE, 5 µm (Alkylfluoro Phase) not endc. st25.fn.
Stability 100 Amid-C25, 5 µm (with amid-group) endc. st15.a25.
Stability 100 Amid-C18, 5 µm (with amid-group) endc. st15.a18.
Stability 100 Amid-C16, 5 µm (with amid-group) endc. st15.a16.
Stability 120 Amid-C12, 1.5 µm go to Gold-Turbo Amid-C12
Stability 120 Amid-C12, 3 µm (with amid-group) endc. st23.a12
Stability 120 Amid-C12, 5 µm (with amid-group) endc. st25.a12
Stability Fluosil, 5 µm (C8F13H4) endc. st15.fe.
Stability Fluosil-NE, 5 µm (C8F13H4) not endc. st15.fn.
Stability Polyamine, 3 µm (for sugars) polymer
Stability Polyamine, 5 µm (for sugars) polymer
Stability PAH, 5 µm (for PAH´s) polymer st35.pah.
Stability ODS-1, 5 µm (15 %C) not endc.! st15.90.
Stability ODS-2, 5 µm (16 % C) endc. st15.92.
Stability 120 C18, 5 (10) µm (15 % C) endc. st15.9d.
Stability EPS-Amid-C18, 5µm alternative to Supelcosil ABZ endc. st25.eps
Stability Alumina, 5 µm - -
Chirale Phases: a-CD, ß-CD, gamma-CD; HydroxyProlin, Prolin, Chiral-DNB-L (or-R) Leucin, Chiral-DNB-L (or-R) PhGly: on request.